Bocce Set Mini 8 Piece


Bocce Set Mini 8 Piece

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Mini Chrome Bocce Set includes 8 Chromes Balls and a Jack Ball in a convenient, attractive wooden case.

Following its arrival from France many years ago, the sport of bocce (or boules) has become an immensely popular pass-time in Great Britain, played both socially and competitively by people of all ages. The first step of the game is to position the jack, which acts as the target for players. Each player will then simply take turns to bowl their boules, with the intention of getting closer to the jack than their opponent(s). Competitors can strategically rebound off their opponents balls to improve their position whilst also hindering the progress of their opponents.

Set Includes:

  • 8 Chromes Balls
  • Jack Ball
  • Convenient, attractive wooden storage case.
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