Body Sculpture

Body Sculpture 3 in 1 Yoga Roller

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Body Sculpture 3-in-1 Massage & Foam Rollers excellent for stretching, promoting flexibility and Myofascial Release! Alleviates muscle and soft tissue tightness of the upper and lower back, IT band, hamstring, adductors, upper arm, and much more!

The Massage Roller Stick ideally used before and after exercise to increase the circulation, using the Massage Roller Stick will help to reduce muscle soreness, aches and pains. Ideal for Travel.

With 3 different modes, the Body Sculpture 3-in-1 Massage & Foam Rollers is a piece of sports equipment that can help you relax as well as make you work out! Foam rollers are great as supporting props in many yoga and pilates exercises, improving your balance and coordination.

  • High-density Foam Roller x1
  • Low-density Massage Roller x1
  • Massage Stick x1


  • Saves space, time and money in an amazingly versatile package.
  • Provides the ultimate in performance preparation, recovery and mobility all in one.
  • Foam Rollers made from durable Foam, one smooth and one ridged to provide varying levels of myofascial release.
  • Massage roller that allows you to regulate the pressure and location of the desired relief.

Suitable For: Quads, Calves, Legs, Thighs, Arms, ITB, Hamstrings, Achilles, Neck & Shoulders

Medical Application

The high-density foam roller stretches muscles and tendons, breaks down soft tissue adhesion, and soothes tight fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues.

How It Works

Using your own body weight and a Foam Roller, you can perform a self-massage or Myofascial release. By applying gentle, sustained pressure on the soft tissues, Myofascial release results in softening and lengthening of the fascia. Myofascial release shown to relieve various muscle and joint pains such as IT band syndrome and shin splints as well as improving flexibility and range of motion.

You can also lay on a foam roller for a self-massage and Myofascial release. Features 3 rollers that fit inside one another, each with different dimensions and textures suited to different parts of the body. The largest is a great pilates or yoga prop, as well as amazing for lower back release. Inside there are ones with a ribbed texture for a more vigorous massage on smaller areas, like the neck and calves.

Perfect for: Athletes or weekend warriors with the goal for ultimate suppleness and limited storage space.


Material: Foam (PE – Polyethylene)

Colour: Grey & Orange


Total Size: 46cm (L) x 15cm (D)

High-density Foam Roller (Grey): 46cm (L) x 15cm (D)

Low-density Massage Roller (Orange): 46cm (L) x 10cm (D)

Massage Stick: 46cm (L) x 4cm (D)