Healthstream Studio Leg Extension / Curl Machine


Healthstream Studio Leg Extension / Curl Machine

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The Healthstream Studio Commercial Leg Extension & Leg Curl will help exercise your legs, strengthen and build your glutes, and strengthen your knees.

When you correctly perform leg curls and leg extensions, both exercise muscles on different sides of your leg. For instance, the leg curls focus on the muscles in the posterior part of the leg, while leg extensions involve straightening your leg while working against resistance.

Leg curls and leg extensions both strengthen the knees, which is important to those individuals who power lift and even dead lift.

Leg curls are known for improving:

  • Mobility
  • Hip joint strength
  • Lean muscle development
  • Hamstring strength
  • Definite increase in calf muscle strength


Assembled: 456mm (L) x 1245mm (W) x 1520mm (H)

Weight Stack: 170lbs

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