Punch Black Diamond Precision Thai Pads

$167.99 $209.99

Punch Black Diamond Precision Thai Pads

$167.99 $209.99
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Punch Black Diamond Precision Thai Pads

The all-new, Punch Black Diamond Precision Thai Pads are a premium set of Thai pads in a perfectly sized, compact package.

These sleek, straight Muay Thai Pads have been expertly handcrafted for professional gym coaches and pad holders. Their smaller, precision shaping makes accuracy a must while keeping the pad holders' stress and fatigue low. The single forearm straps and angled handlebars make manoeuvring these pads a breeze, keeping your grip strong and steady for round after round no matter the exercise. With cross fibre mesh and injected mould padding, these compact Thai pads will easily hold their shape while providing superb shock absorption and protection for the student and pad holder.


    •  Super compact, straight Thai pads, designed for professional pad holders
    •  Designed in Thailand
    •  Built for smooth, precision-based, Muay Thai training
    •  Cross mesh, injected mould padding for superlative pad durability & incredible shock absorption
    •  Expertly handcrafted and hand laced by master craftsmen
    •  Slightly angled, triple-riveted handlebars for a natural hand placement
    •  Single hook & loop roller back forearm straps for easy, on/off usage
    •  Superior Punchtex™ casing for superb casing longevity

    Product Care

    • Do not use gear wet – this is abuse.
    • Dry your gear out of your training bag in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
    • Use minimal baby powder to assist with removing odours.
    • Always use cotton inners or wraps to prevent excessive sweat ruining the stitching/materials in products, sweat/rot damage is not warrantable.
    • Ensure you have enough training gear to always use a dry set, especially in a commercial environment as over using an insufficient amount of equipment is abuse & will void your warranty.
    • Do not do push-ups in boxing gloves unless they have “push up zone” printed on them.
    • If the product is marked “washable”, hand wash separately in cold water, do not tumble dry & avoid washing more than 4 times per year.


    Punch Equipment products are built and trusted to use unequalled material and craftsmanship excellence to ensure your boxing equipment meets and exceeds the demands of full contact ring sports.

    The warranty period is effective from the date of purchase to the original purchaser, for all Punch Equipment products purchased within Australia.

    Punch Equipment aims to have all warranty claims processed as fairly and promptly as possible.

    If any information received is unclear, this will add further delay in the processing of the warranty claim.

    Clothing is expressly excluded from our equipment warranties.

    ONCE PROOF OF PURCHASE HAS BEEN PROVIDED and the product is within the stated warranted period,

    Punch Equipment may require the product to be returned to our main warehouse for further inspection.

    Upon the approval of the warranty claim, Punch Equipment will provide you with an online coupon credit to the value of the approved item, at its option, with no cost to you, other than shipping costs incurred in order to return your product to Punch Equipment.

    Warranties do not cover incidental or consequential damage due to normal wear and tear, improper use or neglect.

    Warranties are void if found that the product has been subjected to unauthorised inspection/alterations, faulty installation, abuse or damage as a result of failure to provide:

    1. The recommended quantity of equipment to avoid gear being over-used (used wet or over-shared commercially)

    2. Using equipment not specifically rated for that use.

    3. Failure to maintain and use gear as per our maintenance instructions.

    NB: With time and normal wear and tear, the materials used in these products will lose effectiveness and will require replacement.

    Products provide a degree of protection but are not guaranteed to prevent injury, even when used correctly. *Also see Care/Technical Installation Instructions.

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