Punch Mexican Paddles


Punch Mexican Paddles

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The Mexican Fuerte Boxing Paddles are a boxing tool of beauty & crafted to be used by beginners & professionals alike. These paddles are designed with the highest quality garment cowhide leather while still offering an almost weightless feel in your hands! Their core is built with flexible, super-strong aircraft-grade steel, ensuring these paddles can flex comfortably & retain their shape for longer! With the added wrist straps, regripping a lost paddle mid-combo is quick & easy with minimal time wasted.

Incorporating paddles into your boxing training is a sure way to improve your accuracy, hand speed, timing, footwork, guard, long & short range striking & so much more! The benefits aren’t just for the user, however! The holder will benefit from their weightless construction, making fatigue a minimal side effect, they also alleviate shock absorption placed on the wrists, elbows & shoulders, making them a fantastic alternative to boxing pads.

If you’re looking for a boxing tool that won’t let you down, you will fall in love with the Fuerte Boxing Paddles. Grab a pair of Mexican Fuerte Boxing Paddles today!


  • Micro target designed to improve the accuracy & speed of your boxing combinations
  •  A fantastic substitution to traditional boxing focus pads
  •  Aviation-grade steel spine for superior structural integrity
  •  Ultralight, crafted with premium, garment quality, cowhide leather
  •  Lowers the shock absorption placed on the pad holder
  •  Train defensive & offensive skills with ease
  •  Additional wrist straps for security & easy on/off usage
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