Welltech Nutrition Ligain


Welltech Nutrition Ligain

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Welltech Nutrition Ligain is a potent testosterone boosting formula, innovatively designed to assist an increase in strength and muscle mass whilst supporting a healthy libido and reducing body fat. 


  • Increased power and strength 
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased libido 
  • Increased muscle hardness and pumps 
  • Accelerated recovery time 


Avena Sativa 900mg, Raspberry Ketones 100mg, SARM Fema 2682 (Methyl Ester Kyseliny-Anthranilove) 50mg, Decapeptide-4 Anabolic Peptide 100mcg.

AVENA SATIVA - also known as oat straw is a species of cereal grass and has been shown to free up bound testosterone. It can protect testicular function and increase production of nitric oxide resulting in improved blood flow. 

RASPBERRY KETONES - this ingredient increases adiponectin (a protein hormone which regulates glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown) and can encourage fat loss when taken with exercise. It increases activity of norepinephrine in fat which causes a body temperate spike and increase in metabolism. 

SARM FEMA 2682 (METHYL ESTER KYSELINY-ANTHRANILOVE) - A natural compound, that can promote muscle growth and bone strength. It demonstrates androgen receptor modulation without down regulation of the total receptor expression. It displays anabolic activity in muscle without any androgenic actions. Evidence suggests that the testosterone mimicking effect that this compound has is due to an increase in libido and strength leading to added muscle mass. 

DECAPEPTIDE-4 - is an anabolic peptide which consists of 10 sequenced amino acids. This peptide can signal a rise in IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) which is highly beneficial for increased protein synthesis, assisting your body to recover at a faster rate from training and supporting an increase in lean muscle mass.

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