Welltech Nutrition PCT/AE


Welltech Nutrition PCT/AE

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Welltech Nutrition PCT/AE is an advanced, scientifically formulated supplement designed to support healthy testosterone production and manage estrogen metabolism. This formula can assist to preserve muscle mass whilst restoring hormonal balance. 


  • Testosterone support 
  • Estrogen management
  • Increased luteinizing hormone 
  • Maintenance of muscle tissue 
  • Libido support 
  • Promotes muscle fullness and hardness


Creatine 380mg, Daidzein 100mg, Andronilate 60mg, Beta Ionone 60mg (vegan friendly) 

CREATINE is one of the most studied supplements which is proven to increase energy, strength and power. This ingredient is added to help achieve a more muscular physique whilst adding strength. 

DAIDZEIN is a natural isoflavone and the extract of a range of plants including red clover. Daidzein binds selectively to androgen receptors and increases secretion of LH (luteinising hormone) and testosterone. It increases anti-oxidant enzymes and can assist with production of new mitochondria which can delay fatigue during exercise. It also offers the benefit of increased bone density through the stimulation of bone formation and mineralisation. 

ANDRONILATE is a non-steroidal compound designed to prevent muscular atrophy, encourage muscle growth and support muscle and bone strength. After binding to androgen receptors, andronilate increases protein synthesis and anabolic activity, resulting in muscle hypertrophy and healing, mimicking the action of testosterone in muscle and joints. Andronilate does not lead to any side effects such as suppression of testosterone or an increase in estrogen, making it desirable for these reasons. With anti-catabolic actions, it prevents muscle wastage which enables greater retention of muscle mass and support for a higher metabolic rate.

BETA IONONE is a terpene found in violets which can promote muscle and skin repair, supporting stronger and more resilient muscle fibres in response to weight training. It inhibits receptors linked to estrogen receptors which can reduce and manage estrogen, leading to healthy hormonal balance.

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