Xpeed Farmers Walk (Pair)

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Xpeed Farmers Walk (Pair)

The Xpeed Farmers Walk (Pair) are perfect for specialised exercises at any weight you need! With large oversized handles, you'll be able to ensure your grip is strong even during the toughest workout. Both sleeves per pair are sized for Olympic plates, meaning easy swapping between your barbells, smith machines and other Olympic sized training equipment. Also, thanks to the heavy duty construction, each has a length of 125cm and weighs approximately 12kg each, ensuring not only do they handle days of punishment, but they'll last years of it too.


  • Braces your core and stabilises your entire body
  • Increase the grip strength in the hands, wrists and forearms
  • Engages your upper back and traps
  • Your legs propel you through the walk
  • The cardiovascular system is engaged throughout the exercise


  • 1250mm in length p/unit
  • Pair of handles weigh a combined 33kg
  • 2 Olympic sleeves per handle
  • Oversized handles for a secure grip