Xpeed Junior Dynamite Boxing Gloves - 6oz


Xpeed Junior Dynamite Boxing Gloves - 6oz

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The Xpeed Junior Dynamite Boxing Gloves are a fun fitness alternative for kids while developing basic motor skills, coordination and confidence! Improve your kid's fitness and keep them exercising without the fear them injuring themselves or others.

Polyurethane Shell
Polyurethane (PU) is a lightweight, high performing and long lasting skin.

Webbed Thumb for Safety
The webbed thumb will provide thumb protection and maintain correct hand position while also preventing any eye injuries for others.

Injection Moulded Foam
A one piece injection moulded foam will provide the child with a comfortable shape and cushioning to the glove while still providing strong and sturdy support.

3” Wrist Elasticised Strap
The 3 inch thick, elasticised wrap is designed to give the tightest and strongest wrist support to prevent injuries.

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