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Body Solid AB & Back Machine (Floor Model, SA Customers Only)

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Body Solid AB & Back Machine

(Floor Model, SA Customers Only)

The Body-Solid Ab & Back Machine, is the epitome of functionality and fiscal sense.

This unit is designed to work two of the major muscle groups; these groups are the stomach and lower back. This machine is ideal for the individual who has had a lower back injury. The two best exercises on this machine are the ab crunch and the back extension. It is commercially graded to withstand the use of the local gym. 


Manufactured with patented DuraFirm padding. This material stands up to the test of normal wear and tear; the padding also provides for maximum comfort during work out sessions.

  • Working out specific body parts and specific exercises are best done at a 30 degree angle. This gives the best results and maximizes time spent in exercise. The Body-Solid Cam Series Ab and Back Machine is created at a 30 degree angle to give your body the exact biomechanical motion it needs.
  • The machine is considered a Light Commercial Quality grade. Its main supports are 5cm x 10cm.
  • Depending on the user’s flexibility and strength, adjustments in the range of motion may need to be made. A pop pin makes any adjustments a breeze to fix. This is perfect for multiple users or an individual user who gradually increases in strength and flexibility.
  • The lifting arm is adjustable to make it possible to excursive both the stomach and back muscles simultaneously.

2"x4" mainframe steel for exceptional light commercial quality

Positioned at a 30° angle for precise biomechanical movement

PADDING / UPHOLSTERY Ultra-thick DuraFirm™ upholstery provides maximum comfort.


Easy to use pop-pin that allows adjustments to increase and control the user's range of motion


Adjustable lifting arm can be positioned for exercising both the abdominal and back muscles

DIMENSIONS 152L x 117W x 110H
WARRANTY Lifetime warranty

(Floor Model, SA Customers Only)