Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat - GLPH1100


Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat - GLPH1100

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Make your workouts powerful with the Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat - GLPH1100. In addition, know that you're comfortable and safe because as you exercise your quads, glutes, and calves, the engineered smoothness of the Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine spares your bones and joints. Three lockout positions are under the user's control throughout the exercises and provide user safety and the option of different start/stop positions. A true to name strength machine and the best of strength equipment. Bring the strength and fitness of the gym to you with the GLPH1100.

Olympic style plates only. Weight plates sold separately.


Assembled Weight:   340lb / 154.22kg    


Assembled Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    83.00in / 2,108.20mm 34.00in / 863.60mm 56.00in/1,422.40mm
Package Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    31.50in / 800.10mm 26.38in / 670.05mm 11.81in / 299.97mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    5.68 ft3 / 0.16 m3 120.30lb / 54.57kg  
Package 2 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    77.95in / 1,979.93mm 11.81in / 299.97mm 4.72in / 119.89mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    2.51 ft3 / 0.07 m3 84.30lb / 38.24kg  
Package 3 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    52.76in / 1,340.10mm 9.06in / 230.12mm 5.12in / 130.05mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    1.42 ft3 / 0.04 m3 57.60lb / 26.13kg  
Package 4 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    27.95in / 709.93mm 24.41in / 620.01mm 4.72in / 119.89mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    1.86 ft3 / 0.05 m3 49.50lb / 22.45kg  
Package 5 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
    33.46in / 849.88mm 22.44in / 569.98mm 7.87in / 199.90mm
    Volume Gross Weight  
    3.42 ft3 / 0.10 m3 28.40lb / 12.88kg
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