Bosu Home Pink Balance Trainer

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Bosu Home Pink Balance Trainer

Whether you are looking to tone and strengthen, improve core strength, lose weight, or simply get healthy and fit; the Bosu Home Balance Trainer is easy to use, fun, and effective. Any exercise performed on the ground may be moved onto the BOSU® Balance Trainer to amplify the challenge and increase results. Use the BOSU® Balance Trainer, dome or platform side down…the options and exercise progressions are endless, and help to enhance mobility, strength, balance, and overall fitness levels. Anybody can use it, regardless of age or fitness level.

Available in blue with “Made in the USA” logo, black rim, and base with six (6) rubberized feet

Includes BOSU® Balance Trainer, foot pump, owner’s manual, 4-in-1 DVD (including Total Body, Calorie Combustion, Long & Lean and Absolutely Abs workouts) and BONUS DVD (including Xplode Cross-Training Series BURN and FUSE workouts).


  • Pink colour
  • Latex-free, burst-resistant material
  • 90-day limited warranty – Home use only
  • Available in blue with black rim and base
  • Six (6) rubberized feet
  • Holds up to 136 kg
  • Weighs 9 kg
  • Measures 65 cm in diameter and 25.4 cm high when fully inflated
  • Includes hand pump and owner’s manual