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ChiBalls Aromatherapy Balls the synergistic mixture of colour and aroma is a potent combination for nourishing and healing our physical imbalances, emotional blocks and depleted spirit. Being able to choose the best ChiBall for a specific purpose – such as healing a physical health imbalance, resolving an emotional challenge, or to attract new opportunities into your life – puts the power in your hands. Each of the ten ChiBalls are tied to an energy phase from the Yin Yang energy cycle and represents one of the five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. ChiBalls are a soft and spongy 15cm inflatable ball infused with an aromatherapy fragrance which corresponds to its colour. The use of colour and aromatherapy has been shown to stimulate and balance both thoughts and emotions, and consequently promote a greater sense of well-being. ChiBalls have been especially designed to be easily inflatable and deflatable, and are ideally suited to match the wide variety of uses found throughout the ChiBall Method exercises. They are hand-crafted and of superior quality in durability, look, feel, and scent.

Colours & Aroma

  • Lime Green – Mint
  • Black – Aniseed
  • Purple – Lavender
  • Yellow – Lemongrass
  • Orange – Sweet Orange
  • Red – Cinnamon
  • Silver – Eucalyptus
  • Blue – Juniper Berry
  • Pink – Rose Oil
  • Green – Geranium

Lime Green ChiBall

Lime Green arouses heightened awareness of our finer nature, our pure goodness & generosity. Lime Green takes us deeper within ourselves showing us the perfection and light that we have always been. It offers the opportunity for attunement and empathy with others. Lime Green is associated with goodness, generosity, perfection, attunement & empathy, representing Spring and the Wood Metal. Mint is associated with wellness, alertness, calming, relief & confidence. Mint brings wonderful benefits for stress relief and general wellness. Peppermint aromatherapy in particular is often used for alertness and energy as well as general stress relief. Because of the convenience and ease of use that comes with it, mint is an ideal stress relief tool. When we are calm and energised we find confidence in everything we do.

Black ChiBall

Black is a protective colour, grounding and calming, especially to extremely sensitive individuals. It wards off hatred and negative emotions. It can activate the subconscious mind which can put life into perspective. Black is associated with Grounding, Calming, Perspective, Understanding & Self-worth, representing Winter and the Water Metal. Aniseed is associated with Calm, Focus, Energise, Meditative & Alignment. This warm, spicy aroma is often used to ease the discomfort of introverted and fearful people, while aiding the digestion, boosting the lungs and easing migraines and headaches. Aniseed calms and energises our mind bringing focus to our thoughts and relieving the stress caused by an over active mind.

Purple ChiBall

Representing Autumn and the element Metal, the Purple ChiBall offers peace, inspiration, faith, and recognition of our true nature. The inability to find one’s personal truth, excessive self-evaluation and a lack of emotional intelligence can be alleviated by this ChiBall colour which helps us to dedicate ourselves to serving others unconditionally, and which dissolves feelings of inadequacy and separation from our fellow human companions. The Purple ChiBall is ideal for using with the Feldenkrais Method and relaxation, or whenever we need to get in touch with our self-knowledge, insight and perception, our higher self, and our intuition. The Lavender ChiAroma fragrance releases unexpressed emotions, relieves nervous anxiety and shyness, and promotes calmness and serenity of the mind and spirit.

Yellow ChiBall

Representing Late Summer and the element Earth, the Yellow ChiBall inspires us to enjoy personal power, self-worth, self-knowledge, self-discipline and courage. Whenever we are unable to trust life, are consumed with self-doubt, suffer from fear and overwhelming anxiety, and feel pressured by life’s responsibilities, this ChiBall colour can help us to retrieve our personal power, and enable us to be the creator of our own destiny. The Yellow ChiBall is ideal for using with Yoga and Pilates, or to aid concentration and focus the mind. The Lemongrass ChiAroma fragrance refreshes, fortifies and enlivens the spirit.

Orange ChiBall

Representing Summer and the element Fire, the Orange ChiBall denotes pleasure, and stimulates the senses. Whenever we feel powerless, or too rigid and controlling in life, working with this ChiBall colour promotes our ability to be playful and spontaneous in life again, and to revel in happiness and joy. The Orange ChiBall is ideal for using with ChiBall Dance and Yoga, or to help you to be receptive to life’s many gifts and fully absorb the pleasure they bring. The Sweet Orange ChiAroma fragrance stimulates the expression of exuberance and joy, supports being self-confident, courageous, positive and creative.

Red ChiBall

Representing Summer and the element Fire, the Red ChiBall represents the fire of life and ignites passion of the spirit. Aggression and ruthlessness, low energy and constant tiredness can be alleviated by working with this ChiBall colour which provides energy, stamina and virility, helping us to become warm and open-hearted, and express uninhibited passion so that we can learn the lessons necessary to find our true path in life. The Red ChiBall is ideal for using with ChiBall Dance and Yoga, or to remind you to live in the moment so that you can fully embrace life’s experiences and be completely present in the “now”. The Cinnamon ChiAroma fragrance helps to relieve physical and emotional exhaustion and depression, stimulate circulation, aid digestion, be creative, and have purpose and good life-enhancing intentions.

Silver ChiBall

Representing autumn and the metal element this ChiBall represents metals cool and reflective nature. Silver is the meal of the Moon, the feminine and represents the unconscious. Silver is a precious metal that is considered by many to have esoteric implications. It stimulates creativity and fertility. Grey/silver is a combination of White and Black and has the unusual distinction of being a combination of all colours but also the absence of colour at the same time. Grey/silver indicates that balance must be achieved when two opposing viewpoints are at play, to influence an outcome either positively or negatively. Silver is the perfect choice when Yin and Yang are out of balance. Eucalyptus oil can restore balance during times of emotional overload. It is stimulating and refreshing and can help overcome sluggishness. It also opens the nasal passages and lungs, which increases oxygen intake, aiding regeneration of body tissues and increasing concentration and mental clarity. The metal element is associated with the lungs and large intestine (meridian and organ). When the lungs are healthy the voice sounds clear, strong and travels a great distance like a large, metal bell. In TCM the Organ/meridian partnerships function not only on a physical level but also in an emotional and spiritual way. The lungs are the only yin organ that connects directly to the outside world and therefore influence our ability to connect and communicate. When function is impaired we lack mental clarity, feel isolated, disconnected and unable to connect. The lungs house our corporeal soul (Po). Po is our physical or animal soul and dies with us unlike our Shen, which is believed to survive our physical death. Although the partnership of the lungs and large intestine seem an odd one, they are essential to each other and rely on each other to perform their functions. The lungs are responsible taking in what we need and large intestine lets go of what we don’t. Like the balance of Yin and Yang, if one becomes impaired it affects the other. Grief and sadness directly affect the lungs and can cause internal disharmony which can lead to illness and disease. The combination of the colour and aroma of the Silver ChiBall is prescribed to assist in the healing of lung/large intestine emotional and physical disharmony.

Blue ChiBall

Representing Winter and the element Water, the Blue ChiBall enhances our self-expression and the ability to think and speak our truth. Lack of motivation and the inability to put intentions into practice can be converted into spiritual awareness, interest in the finer things of life, and the desire to take time to reflect and meditate on one’s life using this ChiBall colour. The Blue ChiBall is ideal for using with Deep Relaxation and Meditation, or any time that we are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of daily living and need some breathing space and perspective. The Juniper Berry ChiAroma fragrance aids in dissolving fear, boosting your willpower, and restoring your determination and ability to overcome life’s challenges.

Pink ChiBall

Representing summer and the fire element, pink reflects love and a strong sense of companionship. It resolves conflict and internal unrest. The journey is to find balance where all aspects of life are considered equally so that our inner most needs are met and desires expressed. Focusing on finding harmony, balance and well-being in all situations delivers you to a place of contentment. Pink has powerful relaxing and soothing effect on the physical, mental and spiritual body. It has long been hailed the universal colour of unconditional love and healing. The vibrational properties of pink can swiftly suppress aggressive, hostile and anxiety ridden behaviour. Other healing properties of pink include: Eases grief and sadness, Improves immune system, Restores youthfulness, Relieves skin conditions and inflammations, Promotes self love, Restores feelings of joy, happiness, affection and kindness. Rose oil has the power to arouse the human heart at its innermost core. Rose Oil’s ability to dissolve psychological and emotional pain and makes it and ideal choice for harmonising and soothing the emotions. It has a deeply harmonising and balancing effect upon the heart and the physical body. Rose oil is both a tonic and relaxant and has a calming and pervasive influence on the nervous system relieving stress and nervous tension in times challenging times.

Green ChiBall

Representing Spring and the element Wood, the Green ChiBall signifies new growth and development. Working with this ChiBall colour transforms emotional imbalances, expressed as impatience, aggression, control and indecision, into a harmonious space filled with vision, forward planning, decisiveness, humility, creativity and a sense of humour. The Green ChiBall is ideal for using with Tai Chi and Qi Gong, or whenever you need to heal the soul. The Geranium ChiAroma fragrance promotes feelings of security, being in control, and assertiveness with kindness and humility.