Darkside Ultra Stim Burner

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Darkside Ultra Stim Burner

Darkside Ultra Stim Burner provides a thermogenic boost to help release and burn stored body fat while supporting your performance needs during intense workouts. Through helping to increase your caloric burn rate, releasing fat from body stores and preventing additional fat from being stored in its place, Ultra Stim Burner may be just what you need to turn the heat up in the gym!

Each servicing was designed with one main goal in mind: to increase your fat-burning capabilities. Embrace the path to a leaner body with the science-backed power of Ultra Stim Burner.

Suggested Usage

Assess your tolerance first by mixing 1/2 serving (1 scoop) with 550ml of cold water. Once tolerance has been assessed, mix 1 serving (2 scoops) with 1100ml of cold water. Consume 15-30 minutes prior to training or for a metabolism boost.

Nutritional Info