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Force USA Original Leg Press Hack Squat (NEW)

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Force USA PRO Leg Press Hack Squat

For anyone serious about building lower body strength and explosive power, this freshly updated 4-in-1 Leg Press Squat Hack machines delivers everything your members will ever need. Manufactured with tough 16-gauge steel, a massive 500 kg loading capacity and a host of new features, there’s nothing this state-of-the-art machine can’t handle!


5 New features your members will love

The latest Leg Press Squat Hack has the Force USA DNA all over it! This newly updated machine has a host of features that your members will enjoy, including:

  1. Longer and more ergonomic safety handle with moulded grips for greater exercise control.
  2. Weight plate loading sleeves designed with a curved centred section to accommodate the longer safety handles, which also strengthens the sleeves.
  3. The removable backrest has been redesigned to fit better and is easier to remove
  4. The safety stopper has been redesigned to enable a deeper leg press and hack squat.
  5. The tread of the upper and lower foot plate has been changed to a more grippy material.

Easily personalised for every user

Members can target their quads, hips, glute and calves with deeper squats and varied foot positions for a wide range of movements, isolations and stances. Easy adjustments via the pop-pin design mean users can quickly swap out the backrest and footplate, allowing access to the shoulder pads for hack squats.

Superior return on investment

The strength, welding, and construction of this machine have been improved, delivering outstanding ROI for gym owners. Add the heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing coated in eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder with anti-rust protection, and you’ll get years of hard-wearing use!

Comfort on every rep

The durable high-density foam padding, sweat-resistant commercial vinyl and secure footplate ensure users will enjoy a comfortable workout experience.

Stunning Aesthetics

The modern design of this machine will instantly elevate your strength training floor. Force USA continues to lead the way with the look and feel of its commercial equipment and the Leg Press Hack Squat is no different.


  • Usage: Light Commercial
  • Materials: 13 gauge heavy-duty steel
  • Important Specs:
    • The seat pad has been increased in width to 400mm
    • Upper and lower foot plate has been changed to a more grippy material
    • Longer and more ergonomic safety handle with moulded grips
    • Redesigned removable backrest
  • Weight loading sleeve lengths: 34cm x 2 and 20cm x 2
  • Product Weight: 177kg / 390lbs
  • Max User Weight: 450kg / 1102 lbs
  • Dimensions: 163cm (W) x 220cm (L) x 162cm (H)


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 2 years
  • Upholstery: 90 days