Maxines SipN Burn Amino Boost

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Maxines SipN Burn Amino Boost

Do you need more energy and focus to get you through the day? Do you want to lift your output in the gym? Do you need help to recover better after tough workouts? Are you working at building that lean and toned look? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then Maxine's SIP'N BURN is for you!

Maxine’s SIP’N BURN is our ALL-NEW Energy Boosting & Fat Burning Amino formula that you can sip during workouts and throughout your day to help optimise performance, improve recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and keep you hydrated. SIP'N BURN contains our SUPER effective thermogenic matrix - Lipophase® to help keep your metabolism active and in fat-burning mode all day. It comes in two refreshing flavours, Going Grape and Fruity Frost, and provides the perfect balance of hydration, BCAA recovery, natural fat burners, and crash-free energy!

Suggested Usage

Mix in 400ml - 600ml of cold water and sip throughout exercise and workout or during the day to boost energy, stay hydrated and reduce muscular soreness.

Consume 1 serve during your daily workout. Can also be consumed as a daily energizing drink at any time.

Nutritional Info

Maxines Sip N Burn Nutritional Info