Maxs Lab Series BCAA 1011


Maxs Lab Series BCAA 1011

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MAX’S Lab Series BCAA advanced combination of Micronised Branched Chain Amino Acids in a proven 10:1:1 ratio designed to maximise energy, recovery and protein synthesis after training. With the Branched Chain Amino Acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine in a specific 10:1:1 ratio, MAX’S Lab Series BCAA will maximise mTOR signalling to switch on protein synthesis for maximum lean muscle gains after resistance training or intense exercise bouts.

  • High Leucine Complex
  • Promote Protein Synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Convenient Capsule Form


Take 4 capsules throughout the day. Take 2 Capsules immediately after training and 2 capsules before bed to aid muscle recovery and growth while you sleep. Can also be taken at other times during the day.

Suitable For: Any trainer looking to enhance recover, increase protein synthesis and build a bigger, stronger and more muscular physique.

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