Punch AAA Floor to Ceiling Bladder

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Punch AAA Floor to Ceiling Bladder

Is your Floor to Ceiling Ball a little tired!?! Not a problem! All bladders in the Punch Equipment range are replaceable. The Punch AAA Floor to Ceiling Bladder is a replaceable bladder made for the AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball! Grab one early before your training and exercises are put on hold or taken to the gym while you look for a bladder. Improve your fitness and train to your best with Punch Fitness.


Ensure to lubricate your pump needles prior to inflation.

Do not over-inflate, ensure the ball feels firm and not solid as a rock.

Changes in temperature and regular usage will require the bladder to be regularly topped up.

Perishable, High Wear & Tear Product: Bladders are not covered under warranty.