Punch Boxing Glove Deodoriser

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Punch Boxing Glove Deodoriser

The Punch Boxing Glove Deodoriser will get rid of the sweaty, gross feeling after a long and gruelling workout so your next day using them won't be disgusting. Using activated charcoal inserts which are designed to absorb odor, moisture, and bacteria caused by perspiration; all without any harmful chemicals or fragrances, your boxing gloves will be fresh and dry every time.


  • Odorless: Say goodbye to unpleasant smells after intense workouts.
  • Non Toxic: We use eco-friendly materials that won't irritate skin like other deodorizers.
  • Durable: Our activated charcoal inserts last much longer than other deodorizers on the market
  • Odor Protection: Our inserts are designed to absorb perspiration and moisture while keeping odors at bay.
  • Absorbent: These inserts are 3x more absorbent than cotton so even the toughest workouts won't ruin your gloves!
  • Hygienic: Unlike chemical deodorizers, these inserts won't leave behind a sticky residue or cause mold or mildew growth when left in contact with damp surfaces too long.