Punch Heavy Traditional Siam Skipping Rope

$31.99 $39.99

Punch Heavy Traditional Siam Skipping Rope

$31.99 $39.99
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Punch Heavy Traditional Siam Skipping Rope

The Punch Fitness Heavy Traditional Siam Skipping Rope, hand made in Thailand is designed to push the Muay Thai fighter to the limit in their workouts and exercises! Made from quality PVC piping, quality bolt endings and smooth contoured timber handle bars, this skipping rope is built for rigorous usage.

This old school skipping rope slows the action down, focusing on upper body endurance and quickly fatiguing the user in order to improve a fighters conditioning and endurance. Whether you're a fighter, athlete or simply looking to add a fantastic training tool to your gym, the Lumpinee Skipping Rope will elevate your endurance to a new level! Bring the gym and fitness to you with Punch.


  • Handmade in Thailand!
  • Designed for Muay Thai fighter conditioning and endurance
  • Weighing over 500 grams!
  • 9ft rope length, suitable for most adults
  • Easy grip, solid timber handles with smooth skipping motion
  • Old school, PVC moulded rope with quality metal bolt endings

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