Punch Mexican Gel Knuckle Protector


Punch Mexican Gel Knuckle Protector

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Punch Mexican ‘Fuerte’ Gel Knuckle Protectors are the premium addition to your hand wrap prep. The gel padding acts as a superior shock absorber for critical protection of the mantle of your knuckles. If you’re using bag mitts or gloves with slimmer knuckle padding, these are a great option to further protect your hand. If your knuckles are feeling the strain, add the Mexican ‘Fuerte’ Gel Knuckle Protectors to your training gear!


  •  Designed for significant injury prevention
  •  Sold in pairs
  •  One size fits most
  •  Built for all levels of boxers
  •  Almost weightless
  •  10mm pure gel block
  •  Breathable cotton/elastic exterior for breathability
  •  Easy to slip on & wrap over
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