Punch Mexican Micro Floor to Ceiling Ball

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Punch Mexican Micro Floor to Ceiling Ball

The Punch Mexican Micro Floor to Ceiling Ball designed to train precision for amateurs and pros alike. With 70mm in diameter of squishy foam and high quality leather, its the perfect tool for training your boxing combinations. The 2.7 metre elastic cord is not only great for attaching anywhere, but it is also dead silent, perfect for home or apartment door jams. The included mini anchor also guarantees that the you’ll have the tension you need, without a floor installation. Finally, there is no inflation necessary speeding up your time to install the Punch Mexican Micro Floor to Ceiling Ball. Whether it be at exercising at the local gym or your home gym, the Punch Mexican Micro Floor to Ceiling Ball is perfect for fitness and training.


  • 70mm diameter floor to ceiling ball
  • 2.7 metre long elastic cord
  • No inflation required
  • Mini floor anchor

Product Care

  • Do not over inflate bladders, especially in hot & humid conditions.
  • Inflate the bladder until the ball feels firm (not rock-hard) allowing your thumbs to gently push into the casing material approx 1.5cm.
  • Changes in temperature will require the user to give regular “topping up” of the air into inflated bladders.
  • Lick or lubricate your pump needle before inserting into bladders while ensuring not to accidentally puncture the bladder with the needle.
  • Ensure floor to ceiling ball straps are not set too tight, the ball should have a minimum of 30cm of movement in any direction, any less will cause added stress & damage the ball/straps.
  • Ball straps & bladders are perishable, high wear & tear items and are excluded from manufacturing faults warranty.
  • Set your floor to ceiling ball to the approx. height of your chest for optimal training results.
  • The fitting of non-Punch Equipment accessories to your speed/floor to ceiling ball will void your warranty.
  • All speed-balls & floor to ceiling balls requires weekly inflation & maintenance.
  • Never strike a speedball/floor to ceiling ball with bare knuckles.