Punch Mexican Rapido Quick Wraps

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Punch Mexican Rapido Quick Wraps

The Punch Mexican Rapido Quick Wraps are a revolutionary solution that emulates the expert hand wrapping technique performed by your coach on fight night. This innovative product provides the ultimate combination of comfort and protection.

Crafted from ventilated black micro mesh and gauze, it ensures breathability while safeguarding your knuckles. The attached stretch wrist wrap offers additional support.

Moreover, our Training Wrap features interlocking finger tapes seamlessly integrated into a "hand splint" on the back of the hand. This design allows for easy adjustment using a hook and loop system.


  • AAA Punch® Equipment
  • AAA True Fit
  • Precision handfit gloves.
  • Precision Mexican Boxing series
  • Easy on/off
  • Tested on Humans®
  • Colour Black Vented Fibre Mesh
  • Punch Coil Knuckle Padding System