Punch Quick Wraps Bulk Pack (10 Pairs)


Punch Quick Wraps Bulk Pack (10 Pairs)

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The Urban Quickwraps are an innovative hand wrapping product at Punch Equipment® Urban Quickwraps allow you to quickly wrap your hands, provide fantastic protection & minimal nuisance! With 15mm of foam padding over the knuckles & a 2metre wrist wrap, You can cut your time in half in comparison to traditional boxing stretch wraps! These awesome wraps can also be hand washed or placed in the washing machine. (Cold setting)

When wearing any type of glove, it is 100% certain that you will sweat and this can cause the glove to break down and deteriorate as sweat is actually acidic. When in a group class, sharing gloves is extremely common and there is nothing worse than putting on someone else sweaty gloves, the wraps will prevent this as they will absorb sweat and keep the gloves as dry as possible. The Punch Quick wraps have 10mm padding on the knuckles to prevent injury and a long material length to wrap around your wrist to support it when throwing punches. Quick wraps are a great idea to have as they take a lot less time to put on and off. Available in 4 colours.

Best Application
GX™ Group fitness boxing


  • NO hand wrapping skill required
  • Material: Cotton / Elastic with 10mm
  • Padding plus wrist protection
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