Punch Quick Wraps (Pair)


Punch Quick Wraps (Pair)

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Punch Quick Wraps (Pair)

Punch Fitness Quick Wraps are made from a cotton/elastic material are have many different uses. Wearing a quick wrap will allow you to protect and support your hands when punching boxing bags and pads during exercises, while without wraps it is very easy to get blisters on your knuckles from not only the bags but also boxing glove seams. The wraps can be worn in gloves also, no matter is they are boxing gloves, MMA mitts or Muay Thai gloves, all will give you blisters if quick wraps are not worn. Improve your fitness and practice your punches without painful blisters.

When wearing any type of glove, it is 100% certain that you will sweat and this can cause the glove to break down and deteriorate as sweat is actually acidic. When in a group class, sharing gloves is extremely common and there is nothing worse than putting on someone else sweaty gloves, the wraps will prevent this as they will absorb sweat and keep the gloves as dry as possible. The Punch Quick wraps have 10mm padding on the knuckles to prevent injury and a long material length to wrap around your wrist to support it when throwing punches. Quick wraps are a great idea to have as they take a lot less time to put on and off. Available in 4 colours.

Best Application
GX™ Group fitness boxing


  • NO hand wrapping skill required
  • Material: Cotton / Elastic with 10mm
  • Padding plus wrist protection
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