TIB Bar Solo (Tribialis Training Bar)

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TIB Bar Solo (Tribialis Training Bar)

The TIB Bar Solo (Tribialis Training Bar) is a great addition to any workout session, designed to provide specific exercises to target key parts of your legs, reducing potential injuries and chronic pain years in the future.

Durable: Designed to provide you with great workout sessions for years on end, Adjustable, Single Foot Tib Bar nordic bench is expertly crafted using heavy-duty steel construction and thick foam cushions to ensure long-lasting, comfortable use.

Minimizes Injury: Single Foot Tib Bar strength training leg machines helps reduce injury and prevent chronic leg pain, knee pain and shin splints by stretching and strengthening the tibialis anterior while reinforcing your muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding the ankles.

Versatile Equipment: Strengthen your tibialis, knees, shins and ankles by using the Adjustable, Single Foot Tib Bar Equipment to help you improve balance, run faster, jump higher, walk without pain, improve athletic performance and prevent injuries.

Easy Setup: Adjustable Tibialis Machine comes with a barbell collar to secure 2-inch Olympic plates with ease. Ensure the weight plates are pushed up against the collar and secured tightly with the locking clamp before engaging in your exercises.


  • Weight: 2kg
  • Materials: Steel
  • Bar diameter: 50mm/25mm
  • Includes :1x Single Foot Tib Bar with collar and tool