TIB Bar (Tribialis Training Bar)

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TIB Bar (Tribialis Training Bar)

The TIB Bar (Tribialis Training Bar) is a great addition to any leg training regime. Perfect for targeting specific leg muscles to improve your explosive speed in any sport, while also ensuring reducing potential injuries and chronic pain years in the future. Also can be used for abdominal and biceps training, great for targeting excess belly fat, trimming your body to be the way you want it.


  • Sturdy construction: The knees over toes equipment is made of heavy gauge, welded, solid steel and comes equipped with a high quality clamp that secures the weight plates tight to the base to prevent movement while in use.
  • Fitting for 2″ Olympic weight plates: The TIB Bar can hold up to 150 pounds of weight and fits Olympic plates, 2inches or 50mm in diameter, and the unit weighs approximately 4.19 lbs overall.
  • Ergonomic Design: Humanized design with sponge sleeves for instep protection. Using the calves workout equipment also helps to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the ankle while simultaneously stretching and increasing the ankles range of motion.
  • Leg Trainer: The TIB Bar is a miniaturized calf raise machine, it can train the shin muscles and strengthen the tibialis anterior to help explosive running, sprints for football, bounce, diving or snowboarding, etc.
  • Training the abdominal muscles and biceps: It can also be used to do abdominal and biceps training, it can help you lose excess belly fat, shape the perfect belly curve.
  • Convertible plate holder, easy swap sleeve suits Olympic/standard size weight plates.


This tibialis anterior machine is with have a strong steel construction that is incredibly durable and ideal for home and commercial use. We highly recommend using this as part of your workout regimen.

  • Products name: Tibialis trainer
  • Material: Heavy gauge, welded, solid steel
  • Capacity: 150LBS
  • Fitting for both 2″ Olympic / 1″ Standard weight plates
  • Accessories:1x Barbell clamps and tool
  • Application: Leg, abdominal muscles and biceps training

How to use

Perfect for your leg training

Ensure the 2″ Inner diameter hole OLYMPIC or 1″ inner hole STANDARD Weight Plates are pushed up against the bar and secured tightly with our locking clamp. Be seated with your upper legs and knees supported and soles of feet / lower Hanging in the air. The Tib Bar hooks easily onto the end of the feet and is used for a full ankle rotation curl upwards and back down.

  • Training the abdominal muscles!
  • Training biceps muscles!