Morgan Sports Astro Turf - 10m x 2m


Morgan Sports Astro Turf - 10m x 2m

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Each roll is measured at 10m x 2m x 1.5cm thick 100% UV treated Astro track thick green turf.
Custom yarn weaving patterns ensures no need for sand, rubber or even brushing to keep your turf at its best.
A slight curl weave creates a life-like usable surface allowing power sleds to glide over the turf.

Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use, adjoining tape can also be purchased to extend the length or width of your track.

  • Ideal for all types of cross functional training needs.
    Astro turf has a 1 year warranty against normal wear and tear.
    Astro Turf can be laid on concrete surface, we recommend using heavy-duty Velcro placed under the seams, carpet tape may be used for more permanent application.

Top Quality – Multi-Lab Approved:

  • Anti UV testing – Pass
  • Lead content – Pass
  • Fire resistance– Pass
  • REACH – SVHC testing – Pass
  • Toxicology – Pass

Note: You may need to run a broom over the turf once to raise the piles – this is only required for the first time use, please note that there may be a slight colour variation from roll to roll of approx 3% based on the large volume of turf that is imported and due to the chemical preparation of the product.

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