Xpeed 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack

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Xpeed 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack

Elevate your gym organisation with the Xpeed 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack, the ultimate storage solution for your free weights. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this robust metal frame rack is perfect for keeping your gym space tidy and your dumbbells within easy reach. This rack is suitable for PVC Dumbbells up with 5kg as well as Rubber Hex Dumbbells up to 5kg. 


Sturdy Metal Frame: Crafted from high-quality metal, the Xpeed 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack offers exceptional durability and stability to securely hold your weights.

Rubber Stoppers on Each Holder: Each holder is equipped with rubber stoppers to protect your dumbbells from scratches and to prevent slipping, ensuring they stay securely in place.

Flat Pack Design: The rack comes as a convenient flat pack, making it easy to transport and assemble. It includes all necessary components for quick and straightforward assembly:

  • 2 side frames
  • 2 feet for added stability
  • 4 plastic feet support locks
  • 3 frame connectors
  • 6 bolts and 6 washers
  • 1 Allen key

Versatile Storage Capacity: The rack is designed to hold up to 5 pairs of dumbbells, with four pairs on the upper levels and a fifth pair across the bottom, maximising your storage space.

Compact Footprint: With its compact design, the Xpeed 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack fits seamlessly into any home gym or commercial facility, keeping your workout area organized and efficient.

Product Benefits:

Efficient Organisation: Keep your dumbbells neatly organised and easily accessible, enhancing the efficiency and aesthetics of your workout space.

Protective Design: Rubber stoppers on each holder safeguard your dumbbells from damage and ensure a secure fit, preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

Easy Assembly: The flat pack design and included assembly tools make setup quick and hassle-free, allowing you to start using your rack in no time.

Durable Construction: The sturdy metal frame provides long-lasting support, capable of withstanding the demands of heavy use in any gym environment.

Space-Saving: Optimise your gym space with a compact rack that offers ample storage without taking up excessive room.

Organise your gym and enhance your workout experience with the Xpeed 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack, the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and style.


  • Assembled Dimensions: 45cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 3cm (H)
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Assembly Instructions:

Components Included:

  • 2 side frames
  • 2 feet
  • 4 plastic feet support locks
  • 3 frame connectors
  • 6 bolts
  • 6 washers
  • 1 Allen key

Tools Needed: None (Allen key provided)

1) Prepare the Components:

Lay out all the components on a flat surface. Ensure you have all the parts listed above before starting the assembly.

2) Attach Frame Connectors to One Side Frame:

  • Position one of the side frames upright.
  • Place the three frame connectors at the designated positions on the side frame.
  • Insert a bolt with a washer through each of the frame connectors into the side frame.
  • Finger tighten the bolts to keep the frame connectors in place.

    3) Attach the Other Side Frame:

    • Position the second side frame upright and align it with the frame connectors.
    • Insert a bolt with a washer through each of the frame connectors into the second side frame.
    • Finger tighten the bolts to keep everything in place.

      4) Secure All Bolts:

      Using the provided Allen key, tighten all six bolts securely, ensuring the frame connectors are firmly attached to both side frames.

      5) Attach the Feet:

      • Place the two feet supports at the bottom of the assembled frame.
      • Ensure the feet supports are aligned correctly with the bottom of the frame.

        6) Secure the Feet with Plastic Feet Support Locks:

        • Slide the plastic feet support locks onto the feet supports, securing them in place.
        • Ensure the feet are stable and properly locked to the frame.

        7) Final Check:

        • Ensure all bolts are tightly secured using the Allen key.
        • Check the stability of the assembled rack by gently applying pressure.

        Your Xpeed 5 Hold Dumbbell Rack is now ready for use! Enjoy an organised and efficient workout space.