Xpeed Balance Pad

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Xpeed Balance Pad

With the Xpeed Balance Pad, fine-tune your body's sense of balance and unlock a new realm of fitness. Designed for both athletes seeking peak performance and individuals on the path to injury recovery, this versatile tool is your key to a stronger, more agile you.



Optimal Grip: The textured surface ensures a secure grip, allowing you to confidently explore a wide range of exercises without worrying about slipping.

Proprioceptive Mastery: Elevate your awareness of body position and movement, enhancing your overall coordination and control.

Ideal Thickness: With a thickness of 5.5cm, our Balance Pad strikes the perfect balance between cushioning and firmness, supporting your joints while challenging your stabilising muscles.

Improved Balance: Enhance your stability and balance, unlocking a foundation for better performance in all areas of life.

Durable Build: Crafted from premium polyurethane foam, the Balance Pad is built to withstand rigorous workouts and provide reliable performance for the long haul.

Strengthened Core: Engage your core muscles with every movement, leading to improved core strength and reduced risk of injuries.

Versatile Use: From proprioceptive training to injury rehabilitation, the Balance Pad adapts to your needs. It's also perfect for kneeling exercises like woodchops and nordic curls.

Injury Rehabilitation: Whether you're on the road to recovery or preventing injuries, the Balance Pad provides gentle yet effective exercises for your healing journey.

Portability: Take your workouts anywhere ? the lightweight design and portable nature of the Balance Pad make it a convenient companion for both home and commercial use.

Enhanced Coordination: The textured surface challenges your body to coordinate movements, improving your motor skills and agility.

Peak Sports Performance: Athletes, take note the Balance Pad refines your balance and control, giving you the edge in sports and athletic pursuits.

Elevate your workouts, challenge your body, and embrace a new level of fitness with the Xpeed Balance Pad. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your movement, strengthen your core, and conquer your goals. Add the Balance Pad to your cart now and take the first step toward a more balanced, confident you.


  • Material: Premium Polyurethane Foam
  • Dimensions: 49cm x 39cm x 5.5cm
  • Weight: 1.45kg
  • Colour: Black