Xpeed Blitz Skipping Rope

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Designed with performance and comfort in mind the Xpeed Blitz Leather Skipping Rope is made from genuine leather. The perfect rope for your fitness and conditioning thanks to the precision ball bearing handles and contoured grip. The quick release locking screw means this adjustable rope is for everyone and every-body.

Build a better body with Xpeed:

Skipping is a full body workout that uses the abdominals to stabilise the body, legs for jumping and the shoulders and arms to turn the rope over.  Further to that, from the beginner to the advanced athlete, skipping help improve coordination, agility, speed, stamina, creating muscle tone and burning loads of calories. 

Combining skipping with good sleep, nutrition and a positive mindset make for a healthy lifestyle.


Genuine leather

Precision bearing handles 

Ergonomic grip 

9 ft Adjustable Rope with lock screw function

Recommended For:

Building cardiovascular fitness and stamina

Fat loss

Coordination and balance

Leg strength and agility

Bone strength


One-year warranty