Xpeed Modular Rig 1 Cell Floor Mounted

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Xpeed 1 Cell Floor Mounted Rig

The Xpeed 1 Cell Floor Wall Mounted Rig is the perfect setup for your functional training space. This style of rig takes up minimal space whilst adding a wide variety of exercise options. Floor Mounted Rigs are great for 1-on-1 personal training or small group training. 

Included in this cell bundle:

4 x Upright (2742mm)

2 x Crossbeam 1080mm

2 x Chin Up Bar 1080mm

1 x Pair of J Hooks

Grow your rig as you grow your business. Extra Xpeed Rig Components can be purchased to customise your rig or increase your wall mounted bays. These items include Dip Bars, S Bars, Tri Crosses, Crossbeams, Chin Up bars, J Hooks, Safety Arms, Monkey Bars and Torso Trainer.

Build your own Rig or purchase extra Rig components HERE.