Xpeed New Contender Boxing Bag

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Xpeed New Contender Boxing Bag

The New Xpeed Contender Boxing Bag will increase your training and fitness performance. These pre-filled Contender bags are the perfect addition to your home training set up and small training studios as they are ideal for boxing exercises and kickboxing drills.

The 120cm bag is a great entry level bag for boxing and kickboxing training, its weight of 33kg means it is a little less forgiving than the smaller 90cm bag. As a result, it can be used to introduce fighters to front kicks and side kicks. The 120cm bag can be used for head shots, body shots, heavy punches, front kicks and side kicks. We recommend using wrist wraps with the 120cm boxing bag as it’s weight can cause more strain on the wrists if striking incorrectly. The 90cm bag on the other hand, is meticulously crafted bag is tailored for boxing enthusiasts seeking a dynamic training experience.

Durability and Resilience

Experience a new level of durability with our boxing bag's upgraded build. Now featuring a robust 1000GSM construction, this bag is built to withstand even the most intense training sessions. The PU outer shell ensures long-lasting performance..

Optimised for Performance and Comfort

This bag comes pre-filled and equipped with a responsive inner foam lining that reduces impact stress on your hands and joints. Feel the difference as you execute precise strikes and hone your techniques without compromising on comfort.

Enhanced Stability and Security

Your safety is paramount and our updated bag design reflects that commitment. The incorporation of four nylon straps provides superior stability and balance during your workouts. The intelligent Tie Down Buckle ensures the bag remains securely in place, allowing you to focus solely on refining your skills.

Crafted for Your Training Aspirations

Step into a new realm of training versatility. Whether you're practising hooks, jabs, or high kicks, the Xpeed Contender Bag adapts seamlessly to your regimen. These bags offers the ideal size and weight – 25kg or 35kg – striking the perfect balance between challenge and control.


Materials 1000GSM PU Bag
Filling Pre-filled & Foam Inner Lining
Straps 4 x Nylon Straps
Tie Down Mechanism Tie Down Buckle


      30cm (D) x 90cm (H) bag | 30cm (D) x 120cm (H) bag
      25kg | 35kg
      Boxed dimensions
      90cm Bag - 34cm (H) x 34cm (W) x 97cm (L)
      120cm bag - 34cm (H) x 34cm (W) x 127cm (L) 


      • Xpeed Boxing Bags are covered by a manufacturing warranty that covers the structural integrity of the product.
      • Use of Boxing Bags without proper hook & swivel will void warranty.