Xpeed P-Series 15kg Olympic Barbell

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Xpeed P-Series 15kg Olympic Barbell

The Xpeed 15kg Training Olympic Barbell is the perfect training Barbell for Olympic lifting. Two major characteristics that make this training barbell so amazing are the smooth spin and consistent whip. The 4 needle bearing construction allows easy manoeuvrability for athletes performing at their highest level. Our finest knurling allows for a secure and comfortable grip throughout a repetitive Olympic lifting program.

The leading feature of the this Barbell is the aesthetically pleasing black oxide shaft which also protects against rusting, chipping, scarring and peeling. The training bar is a fantastic peice of equipment for your set up. It is complimented by the premium Xpeed Bumper plates.

Preferred use for this barbell is cross training, olympic lifting and powerlifting. A great training tool to help you gain lean body mass, drop fat and improve your general fitness and health.


  • Good whip
  • Black Oxide shaft
  • 15kg weight
  • 41.5cm loadable sleeve
  • 4 x needle bearings w/ brass bushing
  • Knurl is a fine feel
  • Dual hand position markings
  • 25mm shaft


  • Full Length: 220cmShaft Length: 133cm / Shaft Diameter: 25mm
  • Sleeve Length: 41cm / Sleeve Diameter: 48mm
  • Max Rating: 450kg
  • Sleeve Rotation: 4 x Bearings + 1 x brass bushing
  • Whip Rating (Elastic response of bar)
  • Good


  • 2 year manufacturers construction warranty.