Xpeed Professional Focus Pads (NEW)

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Xpeed Professional Focus Pads

The Xpeed Professional Focus Pads are a premium technique training tool built for the fighter looking to take the next step in their competitive sparring. Our intuitive curved design allows the combination of a premium leather shell, X Tech Armour foam, support wedge and impact ball to help reduce the impact of punches. As a result, this reduces joint stress, provides optimal hand position and wrist support for the trainer. In addition, the custom webbed finger sleeve and accompanying guard provide finger protection, correct hand position and stability during training. Build A Better Fighter with the Xpeed Professional Focus Pads.




Leather Shell

Leather is known for its durability, making it an ideal choice for our professional focus pads. The leather shell of our focus pads is designed to withstand repeated impacts, punches and training sessions without compromising its structural integrity. The rugged nature of leather ensures that your pads will maintain their shape and protective qualities over time, allowing you to rely on them for consistent performance.

Layered foam

The focus pads layered foam construction, provides exceptional protection and impact absorption. The multiple layers of foam work together to dissipate and distribute the force of impact, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your safety during training or sparring sessions

Webbed finger sleeve and guard

The webbed finger guard integrated into the design of the focus pad provides an extra layer of protection for fingers and knuckles. It acts as a barrier, absorbing and dispersing the impact of forces generated during strikes. This reduces the risk of injuries such as jammed fingers, hyper extended fingers or accidental strikes to sensitive areas. The finger guard is strategically positioned to safeguard the vulnerable areas of the hand without compromising the wearer's mobility or comfort.

Support wedge

The support wedge is strategically positioned within the focus pad to promote proper wrist alignment. It helps maintain a natural position for the wrist, reducing the risk of injuries such as sprains or hyperextensions. With the support wedge, trainers can focus on delivering accurate hand placement for strikes while minimising the stress on their wrists and joints.

Impact ball

The impact ball inside the focus pads is designed to absorb and distribute the impact forces evenly. It acts as a cushioning layer, reducing the amount of force transferred to the trainer's hands and wrists. This feature minimises the risk of strain or injury, allowing trainers to safely catch punches and provide resistance without compromising their comfort.

Sizes: Universal fit

Colour highlight: Black

Warranty: 3 Month Warranty

Xpeed takes pride in the quality and craftsmanship of their boxing equipment. As a testament to their commitment to excellence, they offer a 3-month warranty on manufacturing defects.

Their warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that may occur during the first three months from the date of purchase. This warranty ensures that your gloves are free from defects that could affect their performance or durability.

If you encounter any manufacturing defects within the warranty period, please contact our customer service team immediately. We will assess the issue and, if it falls within the warranty guidelines, we will either have the boxing equipment repaired or replaced.

Please note that Xpeed's warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by improper use or care, or modifications made to the mitts. It is important to follow the care instructions provided with your boxing equipment to ensure their longevity.