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Xpeed Squat Wedge

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Xpeed Squat Wedges

Xpeed Squat Wedges are a simple and effective tool for increasing squat depth and range of motion. The wedges act as a "mini-ramp" to help you achieve deeper squats by increasing the angle between your torso and legs, allowing you to sit back further into the squat. This will engage your quads more, helping you to squat more weight and build more muscle mass through increased muscle recruitment. 

The Xpeed Squat wedges are made from High Density EPP Foam which is becoming a highly sought after material in the fitness industry. Featuring two height variations of 17 degrees and 8.5 degrees, they're built to last and withstand repeated use. The non slip surface features intuitive grid lock alignment tabs, these allow you to stack the two 8.5 degree blocks to form a second 17 degree block. In addition, the reverse side of the 17 degree setup can also be used for an effective calf stretch. 

Why should I use a squat wedge?

There's a couple of different user types who would utilise the squat wedge. The first user is one looking to improve their squat form by reducing the effect of poor flexibility and mobility around the ankle, knee and hip joints. This is due to the fact that elevating the heels during squating reduces the stress placed on the lumbar spine. In addition, it allows for greater muscle recruitment of the quads, increases squat depth and keeps your posture more upright under the load.

The second user is someone looking to load up and specifically target the quads. The wedge allows you to train the lower body through a full range of motion which creates a fantastic stimulus for growing muscle mass.  

Ultimately, anyone can benefit from squat wedges as they will help novice and experienced squatters improve the depth of their squat. 


  • 2 height variations of 17 degrees and 8.5 degrees.
  • Non slip design
  • High density EPP foam 
  • 100% recyclable


17 degrees usage dimensions: 10.5cm (H) x 31cm (L) x 16cm (W)

8.5 degrees usage dimensions: 5.25cm (H) x: 31cm (L) x 16cm (W)

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