Xpeed Wall Mounted Foam Roller Storage

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Xpeed Wall Mounted Foam Roller Storage

The Xpeed Wall Mounted Foam Roller Storage unit allows you to get organised and declutter your home gym. It's a nifty way to keep your foam rollers within reach, whilst freeing up some valuable floor space. Foam rollers are a pain to store, they constantly fall over and if they're not falling over, they're rolling away. 

This simple and effective dispenser style of storage can be customised to the desired width of your rollers. Then simply load foam rollers at the top and remove from the bottom.

This storage unit can be installed easily thanks to the included screws and wall plugs. Plus, the powder-coated finish looks great with any décor!


  • Dimensions: 133cm x 0.2cm 
  • Boxed Dimensions: 12.5kg L: 150.5cm W: 20.5cm H: 11cm