Xpeed X Series Half Rack

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Xpeed X Series Half Rack

If you're keen to save space with your training setup the Xpeed X-Series Half Rack is for you. It has been designed for semi commercial gyms, PT studios and home gyms. This strong and functional half rack includes two styles of chin-up/ muscle up bars, barbell storage and plate storage. As a result, keep your gym floor tidy whilst adding a number more exercise options to your training sessions or group classes compared to that of a squat rack

Rack pulls, rack squats, bench press, chin ups/ muscle ups and deadlifts are just some of the exercise you're able to do with this robust design. Safety arms and weight plate storage are included. A true to name strength machine and the best of strength equipment. Bring the gym and fitness to you with the X-Series Half Rack.


  • Safety Arms
  • J Hooks
  • 4 x Storage Sleeves
  • 4 x ground mounting plates
  • 2 chin up/ muscle up bars, 28mm & 50mm thickness
  • Matte black finish with 2mm thick steel
  • 2 x Olympic Bar storage


Box 1: 41.5kg - L: 143cm | W: 48cm | H: 18cm

Box 2: 47kg  - L: 231cm | W: 34cm | H: 21cm

Built Dimensions:

  • H: 232cm | W: 124cm | L: 140cm 
  • Uprights width: 6 x 6 cm
  • Safety arm length: 52cm
  • J Hooks width: 6cm | J Hooks attachment hole diameter: 2.5cm
  • Storage Sleeve length: Sleeve 1 L: 30cm | Sleeve 2 L: 40cm