Xpeed X-Series Power Cage

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Xpeed X-Series Power Cage

The X-Series Power Cage is the perfect training piece for your home gym or your private training facility. Same as the X-Series Squat Rack and Half Rack, you can expect incredible quality and design. Rack pulls, rack squats, bench press, chin ups and deadlifts are just some of the exercises you’re able to do with this power rack. Weight rated up to 400kg meaning you can move some serious weight during training sessions. A true to name strength machine and the best of strength equipment. Bring the gym and fitness to you with the X-Series Power Cage.

Start out with the cage on it's own or get the full package including lat pull down and cable cross over functionality. If the full package isn't for you right now, there is also the option to purchase the Cable Cross Over and Lat Pull Down attachments singularly as additions to your cage on the X-Series Power Cage attachments. The attachments can be loaded with standard or Olympic weight plates. 


  • Adjustable Safety / Spotter Bars with wide range of height adjustments available to suit any athlete or exercise.
  • 5 Way chin up bar with Knurling
  • 1 x Dip handles
  • 8 x Resistance band attachments
  • 4 x J Hooks (2 Sets)
  • Lat Pull Down / Low Row and Cable Cross Over attachments available as additions


  • Cage assembled dimensions: 2140H x 1300W x 1450D
  • Cage assembled dimensions with attachments: 2140H x 2500W x 2350D
  • Carton Dimensions/Weight:
    • Cage
      • – Box 1 – 1320 x 440 x 240, 51kg
      • – Box 2 – 2050 x 230 x 155, 47kg
    • Cable Cross Over
      • – Box 1 – 2320 x 230 x 120, 21.5kg
      • – Box 2 870 x 590 x 210, 33kg
    • Power Cage Lat Pull Down / Low Row
      • – Box 1 – 2150 x 320 x 180, 28kg

Weight rating:

  • J hooks – 400kg 
  • Safety Bars – 450kg 
  • Dip handles – 150kg
  • Pull Up Bar – 140kg 
  • Lat Pulley Arrangement – 100kg