Ffittech Plate Loaded Seated Calf Raise

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FFITTECH Seated Calf Raise

The FFITTECH Seated Calf Raise Machine is a strength based leg machine that offers a high performance exercise working on the calves, while also offers a high quality design. This design comes down to an aluminium and stainless steel structure and white double stitching upholstery. A true to name strength machine and the best of strength equipment. Bring the gym and fitness to you with the FFITTECH Seated Calf Raise.

Minimalistic design features including matte black and chrome colours, provide a sleek and modern aesthetic for your training space. Attention to every detail means FFITTECH surpasses the expectation of gym owners and athletes alike to provide the ultimate workout experience.

What is the FFITTECH difference? The FFITTECH Commercial rated series is characterised by a unique design fused with a strong component of innovation. In order to provide the end user with the ultimate workout experience every detail has been carefully considered. Thanks to the combination of unique design and innovation, FFITTECH Commercial Gym Equipment is some of the most attractive and affordable (economical) on the Australian market. As a result, your facility can achieve a modern aesthetic whilst impacting your bottom line in a positive manner.


  • Dimensions: 127.5cm (L) x 74.5cm (W) x 96cm (H)
  • Seat Height: 53cm
  • Loadable Sleeve: 28cm x 2
  • Suits Olympic Style Plates with 50mm Centre Hole