Gen Tec TR3 Total Recovery


Gen Tec TR3 Total Recovery

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Gen-Tec TR3 Total Recovery Phase 3 is a quality post-workout formula can hasten muscle recovery, assist with building muscle and help with better recovery. Gen-Tec has formulated TR3 to meet the needs of bodybuilders, elite athletes and active gym rats alike. It’s in your corner for improved recovery, better strength and lean muscle mass.

Proprietary blend proteins: TR3 contains the fastest digesting free form amino acids, Di and tri peptide’s (hydrolysed WPI) and WPI for a fast and direct replenishment of the body’s amino acid pool to create a positive nitrogen balance.

Whey protein isolate: They help promote optimal cardiovascular function and enhances strength gains. It also helps to optimize immune health. Whey protein isolate contain beta and alpha-lactoglobulin, bovine serum albumin, and immunoglobins. Whey protein isolates contain 90% protein and most of the fat and lactose is removed.

Hydrolysed whey protein isolate: This form of whey protein does not require much digestion. It is because of this property they are readily available to the muscle tissues after an intense work out. They are also sometimes called ‘predigested’ form of whey protein as it has already been under partial hydrolysis. Technically, our body digests protein in this manner, but in the case of hydrolysed whey protein this is already done and hence the absorption process is easier.

Proprietary carbohydrate matrix: Gen-Tec’s sustained release carbohydrate blend of 85% maltodextrin, 10% fructose and 5% dextrose monohydrate is a tried and tested formula to support maximum glycogen replenishment and assist with anabolic mechanisms post exercise.

BCAA: Branched-chain aminoacids include L leucine,  Isoleucine, and L valine. The branched structural form makes it readily available for the muscles to build protein molecules which make them 100% utilization. L-leucine stimulates skeletal muscle protein synthesis, hence is an important component in any pre-workout supplement to maintain protein balance. Isoleucine is most concentrated in the muscle tissue and is found to regulate blood sugar levels. It is one of the crucial components for muscle recovery after intense workout. L-valine is mainly used in the repairing and strengthening of muscle tissues. Valine is well absorbed by the muscle tissues.

L glutamine: Glutamine is necessary for wound healing, synthesis of new tissues. It is often used as a post surgery supplement in order to hasten the process of wound healing and boost immune health.

L-arginine alphaketogluterate (AKG): L-Arginine AKG helps to improve creatine levels in the body. Arginine is known to improve nitric oxide production inside the blood vessels, presence of nitric oxide  dilates the blood vessels enabling increased blood supply thereby enhanced oxygen supply. AKG acts in combination with ammonia to create glutamine that is an important muscle fuel.

Suggested Usage

Mix 80 grams (four scoops) in 360 ml of water and consume immediately after exercise.

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