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7 Unknown Benefits Of Owning A Home Gym For People Who Have Little Time
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7 Unknown Benefits Of Owning A Home Gym For People Who Have Little Time

7 Unknown Benefits Of Owning A Home Gym For People Who Have Little Time

Life is getting busier and busier on so many facets, from juggling work, a social life, to partners and kids. It’s fair to say many of us get to the end of the day and just think; where did the hours go and how do we pay attention to our health and fitness in amongst all this hustle bustle of daily life?! And more specifically, what is the one piece of equipment that can give us the most overall workout in the shortest amount of time? What if we told you, we have the answer to that last question? It’s time to meet the home gym and find out why more and more people are opting for this underrated fitness hero.

  1. Time, time, time

When you have such little time to spare, it is natural to want to get bang for your buck when it comes to the time spent training, and let’s be honest not all of us can move machine to machine within our home to give us the most overall workout for our body.

The home gym is perfect for this. Having the ability to work on multiple muscle groups on one piece of equipment, while doing it in the comfort of your own home?! YES PLEASE!

  1. Safety

How often have you heard people saying they have injured themselves while working out? Believe it or not, according to studies, the most common injury in the gym comes from dumbbells, barbells and other weights. The most imperative thing about weight training is to know your ability and to increase that weight gradually. Lifting beyond your strength, simply is a recipe for disaster.

This is where the home gym screams benefits. Home gyms are designed around a weight stack, cables and pulleys which are a lot more fluid and smoother than free weights. More often than none, the weight stack is broken down in the same increments, so adding weight gradually to suit your strength level is easy. Using a series of pulleys means you’re less likely to get hurt as you don’t directly push or pull against the force of gravity, this puts less stress on your joints for safer sets and reps. 

  1. Suited to all fitness levels

One of the key reasons individuals and families hesitate to invest in setting up a gym at home, is that they are worried to won’t suit their fitness level. Contrary to this, home gyms are excellent equipment for starters and beginners looking to build up muscle. It doesn’t have stress like traditional weights, nor does it give the immense pressure on muscles that causes accidents.

For more confident exercisers, a home gym will equally offer an ideal platform to continue their fitness routine while allowing them to still develop and increase their fitness level.

  1. Pin Loading Benefits

We mentioned earlier about the weight stack and the ability to increase and decrease the weight amount to suit your body and strength level, but we didn’t mention was how easy it is to do this.

Have you ever walked into a gym and seen people amending the amount of weight on their bar between sets? Fiddling with this plate on, that plate off to get the perfect amount of weight for their next exercise. Don’t stress, this absolutely won’t be you with your home gym. You will simply be pulling out a pin and putting it back into the next weight stack plate. Imagine the amount of time you’re saving, and your rests between sets are just that, a rest!

  1. Let’s Talk Versatility

You can literally do almost anything with a home gym and form any exercises you see fit. A home gym isolates muscles so you can work on specific muscle groups at a time without hesitating on form and execution. Plus with the addition of leg press units which some home gym’s like the Bodyworx L8000LP Home Gym offers, you not only obtain a great upper body workout, but have the ability to further develop leg muscle strength.

  1. Space

We all don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated room to design a gym setup at home, as much as we would all love to. One of the key benefits of having a home gym is the amount of space it takes in terms of floor area. Most home gyms occupy a relatively small footprint meaning it can slot into a spare area within the house or garage very easily. When you account for the number of exercises and muscle groups this one machine can do vs the amount of space it takes, it’s a no brainer for those looking at setting one up at home.

  1. Affordability

After hearing of the functionality and versatility a home gym offers, you can easily see why it packs a punch for anyone looking to include fitness in their day-to-day routine. Like in any life choice we make as humans, we do look however at the cost factor. One of the most appealing features of a home gym is simply its affordability. When you look at the range of exercises that a home gym offers, you could easily spend thousands upon thousands buy individual pieces for each muscle group or workout; or you could ultimately by an all-in-one superstar and probably save these thousands. When we look at a good starting price for home gyms, you will love the look and feel for the Force USA HG100 Home Gym.

Life is busy, and we completely understand that prioritising your fitness is often easier said than done. But once you start looking into options for maximising your workout to fit into the small amounts of time you may have at hand, it makes all the sense in the world to opt for a home gym as the starting point. No matter what your fitness goals might be, introducing a home gym will have you on your way to starting to achieve them, from ensuring your safety to providing the ultimate overall body workout, all without breaking the bank account. Discover your ideal home gym here, and no longer let time hold you back from ensuring your health and fitness is on track.

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