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Treadmill Comparison: Tempo T86 vs Paragon X
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Treadmill Comparison: Tempo T86 vs Paragon X

Treadmill Comparison: Tempo T86 vs Paragon X

It's no secret that purchasing a treadmill is a big investment and whether you're buying your first treadmill or seeking to upgrade, there's a few key elements that we recommend looking at to ensure you get the best unit for your needs. To highlight some of these features we've compared two treadmills at opposite ends of the domestic range, the Tempo T86 and the Paragon X. Why? It really helps demonstrate some differences you may encounter during your treadmill search.

Tempo T86

With a 1.75HP motor and 135cm x 46cm running surface the Tempo T86 is a perfect introductory walking treadmill. The smaller frame size makes it a great fit for the space conscious buyer. However, with a maximum user weight of 115kg it does exclude some heavier users and isn’t well suited for high intensity sprint training. With a 10% incline capacity and top speed of 16km it provides ample opportunity to increase the intensity of your workouts whilst staying within an affordable budget range and being incredibly user friendly with a variety of in-built programs.


Paragon X

With a whopping 3.25HP motor and 153cm x 56cm running surface the Paragon X is at the top tier of performance treadmills in the domestic market. The 20km/h top speed coupled with a 12% max incline gives it plenty of capacity for high intensity training and great running speeds whilst maintaining a sleek aesthetic and easy to use console. Well suited for runners, this machine even features an adjustable air cushioning system. With such high-performance metrics, the Paragon X is quite a large unit which may not make it the top choice for people limited on space however for those seeking to push the limits of their training at home this is a perfect choice.


So what’s the best option?

Ultimately the best treadmill is the one that suits YOUR needs. Whilst you might love the high-end specs of something like the Paragon X you may only have space at home that can accommodate a smaller unit like the T86. Conversely, your budget might currently only allow for the T86, however the performance capacity of the Paragon X may make it worth saving up that little bit longer.

So your top 3 things to consider when making this kind of decision;

  • Budget
  • Training Space
  • Style Of Workout - Running / Jogging / Walking

Taking the time to research some of the specific features of a treadmill is always going to help you make the best decision. Of course, if you ever need some extra advice our customer service team are always here to help!

Written by Jake Watson - Morphett Vale Branch Manager

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